Large Reusable Hot- Cold Gel Pack

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Part Number:W-10007
We put the "USA" in ReUSAble ice-hot packs. All US made product.

Just freeze the Gel Pack or put the pack in the microwave for the temperature you need to reduce swelling or transmit warmth to the site of an injury. Large 6 x 9 pack stays flexible when frozen and molds to the affected area. Maintains an even temperature either Hot or Cold.keep the reusable Hot and Cold Pack to use over and over again. so it reduces waste and is quickly ready when you need it. Keep it in a the freezer or close to the microwave. (Can also be put in hot water to heat)

Our wholesale part number is sold by the case and the pallet to resale companies only.

Ideal for :
  • Families with young children
  • School first aid stations
  • Sports events and training
  • Injury recovery
  • Physical therapy
  • and much more