Heart Sounds Learning Software
Heart Sounds Learning Software

Heart Sounds Learning Software

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Listening to heart sounds and understanding their diagnostic meaning is one of the key steps in cardiac care. EKG strips, ECHO videos and other tests can confirm what a properly trained person can HEAR in a 30 second examination with a stethoscope.  Although you are given many lectures and a time in lab sessions, a student really needs hours to hear and practice out of the classroom. Having the right training tool for your education is essential to mastering this advanced medical art form.

Heart Sounds Overview:

This educational CD-ROM includes the most important clinical information on heart sounds that Doctors, Nurses, AEMTs, Paramedics, students and other physicians need to know and maintain. This software has audio, text, illustrations and synchronized waveform displays. The multimedia presentation shows students the principles of auscultation with examples of a number of normal and abnormal heart sounds.

Heart Sounds Training Features include:

  • Identification of normal and abnormal heart sounds to aid in diagnosis
  • Fast access to sound library with accurate visual representations
  • Detailed description of underlying heart sound mechanisms
  • Multimedia CD-ROM that's compatible with both PCs and Mac
  • Audio playback with synchronized PQRST display
  • Textual descriptions and Heart Sound Patterns
  • Cases for you to review so you can really internalize the skill 
It's a course in a disk that can help you stand out in your training as heart sound auscultation is such a critical skill for faster cardiac diagnosis. While you are at it, get a quality stethoscope from ##STORENAME## so you can hear both heart and lung sounds things properly. (but at a better price than Littmann Stethoscopes)

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